The Rho Delta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was chartered in February 2016 by the work of several brothers over a course of six months beginning in the summer of 2015.  Fourteen brothers embarked on a mission to change how Sigma would do community outreach in Southern New Jersey.  Armed with a light and a cause, these brothers set out to do what others imagined.   The Chartering Brothers who made Rho Delta Sigma happen are: Bro. Brad K. Leak, Bro. Eric Myers, Bro. Tracy “TC” Clark, Bro. Dan (Don) Copes, Bro. Eric Harper, Bro. Danyel Barnes, Bro. Michael S. Beck, Bro. Robert “Shawn” Chester, Bro. Timothy Mason Jr., Bro. Dr. Bobby Griffin, Bro. Khary Hunt, Bro. Michael S. Winslow, Bro. Frank K. Lockett, and Bro. Osco Williams.  These brothers also were assisted by their eleven associate members:  Bro. Montez Smith, Bro. Ron Carthan, Bro. Joel Hernandez, Bro. Vince Jackson, Bro. Pat Lee, Bro. Troy Singleton, Bro. Michael Trainor, Bro. Brieem Towns, Bro. Donnie Walker, Bro. Eric Jaffe, and Bro. Tyrone Woods. 

These brothers consisted of bonded brothers who were made from various undergraduate chapters such as Theta Psi of Rowan University, Kappa Epsilon of Montclair University, Gamma Omicron of Cheyney University, and Xi Pi of Rider University.  Over Rho Delta Sigma’s five year course, they were the largest progressive Chapter in Southern New Jersey incorporating a staggering number of over 40 brothers the Charter and Associate members worked to bring back to SIGMA. 

As with Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s diverse demographics, Rho Delta Sigma was established and chartered under the auspices of the Founder’s creation of the “inclusive we” rather than the “exclusive we.”   The Brothers’ backgrounds consist of: military, civilian, veterans, businessmen, professional educators, legal professionals, civic leaders, ministers, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other religious orientations.  

It was the intent of the Brothers to grow and expand Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., into the more southern part of South Jersey due to the need for a more visible presence and commitment to the business, education, and social action pillars as a representation to the 11 communities of Gloucester County.  Rho Delta Sigma is continuing to bridge initiatives, programs, and projects throughout the large, suburban and progressive County.  

Over the 5 year course of Rho Delta Sigma, they  have welcomed two lines  of new brothers, welcomed two DSC brothers to are continuing to assist with the betterment and progressiveness of  Rho Delta Sigma, chartered their Sigma Beta Club, created STEPs (Sigmas Teaching Empowerment Programs), distributed thousands of dollars in scholarships from elementary to undergraduate brothers of New Jersey colleges and universities, participated and collaborated with various organizations from Stomp out Hunger, Secret Santa with Acenda Integrated Health (formerly Robin’s Nest), hosted March of Dimes and Relay for Life events, participated in Stop the Violence coalitions, and continuing to meet the needs of the communities of Gloucester County through the pillars of Bigger and Better Business, Education and Social Action.  Rho Delta Sigma’s commitment to service is undeniably high in their drive.  There’s something special about this Chapter and these brothers.  Their passion for growth has already begun.