The Rho Delta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., was the work of several Brothers over the course of 6 months beginning in the summer of 2015. There were many Brothers who lived in and around the Gloucester County, NJ, communities, who felt the undying need to have Sigma represented well throughout the large, suburban, and progressive County. It was the intent of the Brothers to grow and expand Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., into Gloucester County due to the need for a more visible presence and commitment to the education, scholarship, and mentoring of male students, in particular.

The Brothers being of diverse demographic and professional backgrounds: Military, civilian, veterans, businessmen, professional educators, legal professionals, civic leaders, ministers, etc., pledged to reach out and reclaim Brothers back to our wondrous band. The Brothers who would become the charter members of Rho Delta Sigma, began meeting in the homes of the brothers who would go on to become members of our first executive board. By phone, E-mail, text messaging, Brothers were on the lines, thundering back the call for SIGMAS.

As a result of the efforts of a few Brothers, reminiscent of our Honorable Founders, the course was set to establish a chapter charter. Brothers made it their business to connect with the leaders and executive boards of alumni chapters all over the southern state of New Jersey to include Lambda Lambda Sigma of Trenton, New Jersey, Kappa Upsilon Sigma of Willingboro, New Jersey, and Zeta Rho Sigma of Camden, New Jersey. Talks would begin with plans of bridging the communication gap between the local chapters. From these early talks Tri-County Sigma was born to include Zeta Rho Sigma, Kappa Upsilon Sigma and the newly formed Rho Delta Sigma.

On September 25-26, 2015 at Phi Beta Sigma’s New Jersey State meeting, Nigel Coelho the state director for New Jersey Proposed in his report to the body a need for New Jersey expansion. His presentation called for the re-chartering of Ocean County Graduate chapter as well as new chapters for Gloucester and Atlantic County. The call back was “Blue Phi…You Know” as Brothers all around the state celebrated the vision, mission, purpose, and need for the Rho Delta Sigma alumni chapter to be chartered in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Fourteen Brother would embark on a mission to change how Sigma would do community outreach in southern New Jersey. Armed only with a light and a cause, these brothers set out to do what others imagined. The charter was made of fourteen charter brothers; Bro. Brad K. Leak, Bro. Robert “Shawn” Chester, Bro. Tracy “TC” Clark, Bro. Timothy Mason Jr., Bro. Dan Copes, Bro. Eric Harper, Bro. Dr. Bobby Griffin, Bro. Michael S. Beck, Bro. Danyel Barnes, Bro. Khary Hunt, Bro. Michael S. Winslow, Bro. Eric Myers, Bro Frank K. Lockett, and Bro. Osco Williams and eleven associate members Bro. Montez Smith, Bro. Ron Carthan, Bro. Joel Hernandez, Bro. Vince Jackson, Bro. Pat Lee, Bro. Troy Singleton, Bro. Michael Trainor, Bro. Brieem Towns, Bro. Donnie Walker, Bro. Eric Jaffe, and Bro. Tyrone Woods.

Yielding to our fraternity’s motto “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity” the fourteen Brothers who were now charter members of Rho Delta Sigma unveiled the official charter certificate on February 20th, 2016, during a very memorable chartering ceremony. That same evening the first executive board was installed in true “conclave” spirit, with formal dignity. Serving as the chapter’s executive board were: Corresponding Secretary, Bro. Eric Harper; Recording Secretary, Bro. Don Copes; Treasurer, Bro. Timothy Mason Jr.; 2nd Vice President, Bro. Tracy “TC” Clark; 1st Vice President, Bro. Robert “Shawn” Chester.; President, Bro. Brad K. Leak.

The charter was signed by the 34th International President, Hon. Bro. Johnathan Mason, and the general board and issued on January 15th, 2016.

Rho Delta Sigma History

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